HI Joodi

Hi Joodi,
       My coach likes your mix.Thank you very much for your work in our music.We still have some suggestions in the final music:

We have set up some routines according to the music,So I hope you can add the effect through our video.

  • Changes in the structure of music: the beginning of music(Conform to the original style),I hope you can add some effect according to our preliminary performance video(Please find it attached.

  • Changes in the accompaniment of music:

Two places highlight vocal part(please check the video below)

  •  preliminary performan video

Finally, I have some questions for you to answer.

1.What is the price of music and how to pay?

2.In addition to the MP3 file, I can also have a source file? For example, FL Studio acid sonar and so forth .

Look forward to your work


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